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What’s Slime and why everyone is so crazy about it


Do you remember the snail trail that Slimer left everywhere, the little ghost in Ghostbuster? That is more or less the consistency of Slime, a viscous and colored substance that is making children, teenagers and even some adults go crazy. Understanding the reason why may not be easy: this jelly, in fact, seems to be appreciated for its rubbery consistency, which makes it apt to be used as a therapy against stress, for its bright colors and for the funny crackling sound it makes when you squeeze it. One of its most appreciated features, nonetheless, is that you can make it at home with a few simple ingredients and set your creativity free: this is how the slime fluffy comes to life, opalescent, golden, rainbowlike, glittering, translucent, fluorescent, coffee-flavored, crunchy, with beads, confetti, pendants and hundreds of other versions, all with the inevitable social networks sharing.

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It was precisely social networks that gave fame and visibility to the Slime: among Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in fact, there are over 7 million contents dedicated to the slime, even if YouTube is the one that holds the scepter, with many and multi-clicked tutorials dedicated to the Slime production and personalization. The more creative and original ones manage to achieve millions of visualizations and thousands of comments for every video!

There obviously are also the Slime fails on YouTube, true disasters made by people with poor manual skills. However, they don’t need to do without their homemade therapy: some people, combining creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, produce Slimes of all kinds to sell on the web; since this substance hardens after a few days and becomes unusable there is no fear of a business slowdown, at least until this trend doesn’t fade out.

Despite its overwhelming success, on the other hand, the Slime is no novelty. Who doesn’t remember modelling clay? The consistency was slightly different and it was used to create small artwork, but it can be included among the ancestors of Slime, as well as Skifidol, the disgusting puppets launched in the Nineties, and the omnipresent sticky hands found in chips bags and that were thrown against ceilings and walls for the joy of mothers.

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