The wildest and most uncontaminated places in the world


There are people who love spending their summer holidays in crowded locations and people who look for the wildest and most uncontaminated places in the world, away from the crowd, noise and pollution of any sort. Often, these places are very difficult to reach, but the effort of the journey is almost always rewarded by breathtaking landscapes where human presence hasn’t left traces and by much tranquility.

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Let’s start from one of the most remote and inhospitable places in the world. Antarctica is almost entirely covered by an ice crust nearly one and a half kilometers thick. Here the habitual inhabitants are whales, penguins, seals, and some sea birds, while human presence is limited due to the difficulty of the journey, climatic conditions and a policy that seeks to preserve intact this place that offers wonderful glimpses to lovers of cold climates.

Kamchatka Peninsula

The easternmost peninsula of Russia is definitely an inhospitable place for mankind: it is one of the wildest and most uncontaminated places in the world, dominated by volcanoes and glaciers and often shaken by strong earthquakes. The brave people who dare to go to there can boast of being among the few in the world who admired nature in all its wild and primordial splendor.


Here, too, mankind is only a visitor and its presence is quite rare: this is one of the least populous countries in the world, and certainly not because of lack of appeal. Here, in fact, the desert meets the sea, giving birth to the Skeleton Coast, an area constantly invaded by fogs that have been fatal to dozens and dozens of ships. In this region of South West Africa, there are also strong contrasts, giant dunes, rock carvings and imposing waterfalls.

Galàpagos Islands

Galapagos is a unique and delicate ecosystem that must be respected and preserved. These unspoiled lands, lost in the Pacific Ocean and made famous by Charles Darwin, are the home of giant turtles, sea lions, whales, penguins, iguanas, all kinds of fish and even men, but their number does not reach 23.000.

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Atacama Desert

In the north of Chile one of the most uncontaminated places in the world, and also one of the most striking ones, can be found. The Atacama Desert is in fact an immense expanse of salt, sand, lava and rocks, where it doesn’t rain for a whole year. Its extraordinary features and its remote and wild location make it the ideal place for astronomical observations and not only: Nasa has performed some simulations here because the conditions of the Atacama Desert are quite similar to those of Mars.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea remains one of the most unexplored places in the world, where the dense and impenetrable jungle reigns together with all its inhabitants amongst which – as researchers and scientists say – there are still unknown species of animals and plants.

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