The super-foods that make your skin healthy and glowing


Eating well helps us not only to be healthier and stronger, but also more beautiful. Especially, there are some super-foods that make your skin healthy and glowing, in spite of creams, serum and beauty masks! Let’s have a look at the foods that make your skin more beautiful and glowing, giving us younger and healthier looks!

Fish and seafood for fair and glowing skin

We know that fish, food of a thousand virtues, should never lack on our tables, but not everyone knows that it is one of the super-foods that make our skin more beautiful. Fish contains Omega3 in quantity, which counteract skin aging and favor blood circulation, making the skin healthier and glowing. Zinc contained in fish, on the other hand, counteracts acne and helps purify the skin from waste.

All fish, in large or small quantities, contain these substances, but which ones should we prefer? Tuna is particularly full of Omega3, helps preserve collagen and even prevent skin cancer by reducing the inflammatory processes that can cause tumor formation. Salmon is also an ally of skin health and beauty and protects against damage caused by free radicals and damaging sun rays. This fish is also full of noble proteins that contribute to strengthen and make the tissues elastic.

Soy milk and tofu for less wrinkly skin

Soy milk is full of isoflavonoids, substance that can tone the skin and preserve collagen: scientific research has also shown that the usual consumer of soy milk exposed to UV rays showed less skin damage and less wrinkles. No less is one of its derivatives, tofu.

Coffee and tea for the beauty of your skin

Coffee and tea are also among the super-foods that make your skin healthier and glowing. It seems that even one cup of coffee a day can reduce the chances of suffering from skin cancer, since caffeine contributes to “killing” precancerous skin cells and those that are damaged by sunlight. Tea, and in particular green tea, is full of antioxidants that counteract the negative action of free radicals, stress, pollution, and bad nutrition.

Citrus fruit for tonic skin

It is no coincidence that vitamin C is contained in many skin care creams, and citrus fruits are full of it! Why, therefore, not exploiting their beneficial properties for our beauty by putting them on the table? This vitamin, in addition to being good for your health, stimulates the production of collagen, making the skin healthier, more toned and beautiful. Acerola, for example, in one fruit contains the entire daily requirement of vitamin C!

Red and orange vegetables for glowing skin

It is well-known that red and orange vegetables are full of beta-carotene, but this precious substance doesn’t only help to get a healthier and intense tan: tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin and red peppers have a strong antioxidant effect that prevents premature aging, protects against cell damage and is also an ally against acne.

In particular, tomatoes are precious to avoid annoying and damaging sunburn, red peppers contain high levels of vitamin C and pumpkin, in addition to vitamins A, C and E, contains enzymes that help purify the skin.

Super-food for better skin: dry fruit

Many of the foods we have listed so far are full of antioxidants and dried fruit is no exception: almonds, nuts, pistachios and hazelnuts contain high levels of vitamin E, which fights skin aging, counteracts free radicals and protects from damages caused by sunlight, smog and external agents. And there’s more: it looks like that dried fruit also helps keep your skin hydrated, giving you younger, brighter and healthier looks, as well as having a useful elasticizing action to prevent stretch marks.