The most “instagrammable” summer destinations of 2017


Make your summer even more beautiful by choosing more Instagram friendly destinations to share your trip and your photo album with your friends on social networks. From breathtaking views to mysterious alleyways, passing through unspoiled places and postcard-like cities, you can immortalize the places you visit, freeing your photographic skills and creative vein. Let’s find out together which are the most “instagramable” summer destinations of 2017 to create a unique and wonderful photo gallery.

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Edinburgh, between history and nature

Among the most “instagrammable” destinations of summer 2017, we find Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital. Why not immortalize the city considered to be one of the most infested by ghosts in the world? The mystery that surrounds every corner of Edinburgh shows beautiful monuments and spectacular views to immortalize with your smartphone. Don’t miss the wonderful castle with an adjoining maze of narrow streets, alleys and courtyards to discover in the old city. The top is the breathtaking view of Edinburgh Castle, the Old Town and the New City that you can enjoy after climbing the 280 meters of Arthur’s Seat, the peak of the group of the hills in the city center. #arthursseat

Berlin, the cosmopolitan city

In Berlin, you can do and find everything: from state-of-the-art buildings designed by internationally renowned architects to a beach in the city, from the graffiti culture to international food, unique features that make it so cosmopolitan. What do you absolutely need to photograph and share on Instagram if you are in this fascinating German city? The East Side Gallery, an open-air gallery one kilometer long, where artists from all over the world immortalized a piece of Berlin’s historic wall to celebrate its fall in 1989. Nearby is one of the trendiest beach bars in the city, YAAM. Finally, don’t miss one of the cooler attractions for the day and evening, the Badeschiff or “bathing ship”, a floating pool with sauna and bar on the Spree River, which in the evening becomes an open-air night club. #berlinnights

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Antelope Canyon, on the border of reality

If you’re in Arizona you can’t miss Antelope Canyon, a spectacle of rare beauty that takes you directly to another dimension. Going down into the American southwestern canyons, in fact, takes you into curved rocky layers that create a surreal and strange setting where everything else seems to vanish. The rocks and the wonderful light effects that are created on the rocky layers of the canyon walls allow really unique shots. If you can, stop at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, another natural spectacle to be immortalized. #antelopecanyon

Navagio on Zakynthos, a natural spectacle

If you love the sea you can’t miss Zakynthos, a paradise island in Greece, close to the Peloponnese coast. And if you are here, you must visit Navagio, also known as Shipwreck Beach, a marvel for your eyes and a natural wonder. If you’re lucky enough to go at a time when it is not busy, you can immortalize it in all its splendor from above, framing that enchanting creek set among the sea stacks. #navagiobeach

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Ngorongoro, safari in Tanzania

Those who love uncontaminated nature and its population must arrange a trip to Tanzania and go on a safari in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a natural protected area near the Ngorongoro caldera. Here you can find wild nature in all its amazing beauty, including animals inhabiting the area that volunteer for a few shots. Giraffes, zebras and elephants are just some of the species you can admire and immortalize on your Instagram profile. #safaritanzania