The most beautiful lakes in the world


They can’t boast the majesty of the infinite sea horizon, but the crystal-clear waters of the most beautiful lakes in the world have nothing to envy to those of the Caribbean or Maldives and in some cases, they also feature unexpected colors. To enhance the natural nuances of these lakes, ranging from light blue to green, intense blue to… shocking pink are the landscapes that surround them, often relaxing and idyllic, but in some cases also wild and spectacular.
From China to South America, let’s discover the most beautiful lakes in the world, all wonderful water mirrors that reflect unforgettable landscapes where nature is the protagonist!

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Lake Hillier – Australia

Speaking of colorful lakes, we can’t avoid mentioning Lake Hillier, with its particular strong pink color. The reason why the waters of this Australian lake are pink is still unclear: perhaps the cause lies in some mineral in the soil but, in any case, the result is truly unique and incredible!

Plitvice Lakes National Park– Croatia

It’s not just one lake, but several lakes spread over different levels creating spectacular waterfalls and streams of incredible colors. All is immersed in a green forest surrounded by peaks, less than a two hour drive from Zagreb.

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Jiuzhaigou Lake and Huanglong Lake – China

Jiuzhaigou Lake, located in Sichuan, within a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a myriad of incredible shades ranging from light blue to emerald green and yellow: this is the reason for its name, that is, “lake of the five flowers”. Also in Sichuan, we find another of the most beautiful lakes in the world: Huanglong Lake, nestled in high snowy mountains in winter and covered with vegetation in spring. Its peculiarity is given by some deposits of calcite that form over one hundred small lakes close to each other, so as to resemble the scales of a dragon; it’s no coincidence that the lake is called “yellow dragon”!

Melissani Lake – Greece

In Cephalonia, Greece, there is one of the most beautiful subterranean lakes in the world: Melissani Lake, also called “Cave of the Nymphs”. This fascinating and mysterious place is located in a cave, which collapsed in 1953 following an earthquake: sunlight penetrates from this opening, which shines on the waters of the lake creating breathtaking reflections and shades.

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Pangong Lake – India

Here is another salt water lake, this time with the impressive snowy peaks of the Himalayas in the background. Pangong Lake is certainly one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and is located in India 4,000 meters high; the effort made to reach it will be greatly rewarded by a postcard-like landscape!

Kliluk Lake – Canada

The waters of this saline endorheic alkali lake in the summer evaporate and the mineral salts harden, creating a system of over 350 tanks close to each other with extraordinary colors, ranging from green to yellow, from white to blue: a particular and moving eye-catcher, so much so that Native Americans in the area consider it sacred. Even the area where it is located, where nature is protagonist, is worth a visit.

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Mono Lake – California

On the border between California and Nevada is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, loved by photographers and artists. Some tufa rock towers sculpted by the weather emerge from the waters of the lake, creating a surreal and dreamlike atmosphere. This lonely place also hosts many species of migratory birds, which here find a hospitable environment.

Laguna Colorada and Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia

Let’s move to Bolivia to discover the Laguna Colorada, which, thanks to the presence of an alga, has an unusual red color that stands out clearly among the white rocks surrounding this South American lake. It is part of a group of salt lakes with unusual colors called Lagunas de Colores.

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Chott el Djerit - Tunisia

The waters of this great Tunisian salt water lake are so transparent that they faithfully reflect the color of the bottom, which is made of red sand. This lake of a warm and unique color is set in a lunar landscape just steps away from the Sahara Desert, in a truly unique natural setting.