The best restaurants in Naples that also Neapolitans love


Not only pizza, but also ragù, pasta with legumes, spaghetti puttanesca, rice sartù, genovese, spaghetti with clams, lucìana octopus, paranza fry, tracchie, and eggplant parmigiana. These are just some of the delicious dishes that Neapolitan cuisine offers every day, an ancient culinary tradition boasting first courses, fish and meat dishes, legumes and various types of vegetables, always offering tasty and savory dishes. If you walk through the streets of the capital of Campania you can’t miss the best restaurants in Naples that also Neapolitans love to best enjoy this fascinating city.

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Osteria Donna Teresa dal 1913

The Osteria Donna Teresa dal 1913 is a Neapolitan restaurant founded just over a century ago in Vomero and now managed by the Sorvino family, the heir of donna Teresa who named and started the activity. The atmosphere in the restaurant is familiar and based on old style cuisine that revives the ancient flavors of the past. There is no paper menu, everything is orally communicated by the managers: the proposals of the day and the typical traditional dishes. A must to try is the ragù, followed by meatballs in tomato sauce and fried meatballs, sausages and friarielli, cutlets and vegetable side dishes.

Osteria Donna Teresa dal 1913, via Michele Kerbaker, 58, 80129, Napoli

Da Nennella

Among the narrow streets of Naples, in the heart of the Spanish Quarter, is Da Nennella, a parthenopean trattoria where you can’t reserve a table: you queue up outside the venue giving your name at the entrance and you wait (a lot) before eating because the restaurant is very popular. The food is homemade, pasta and potatoes with provola is highly recommended, the atmosphere is loud, they speak Neapolitan and the cuisine is truly typical. The price is a real bargain: about 15 euros for starter, first course, second course, side, fruit, water and wine. For those looking for true Naples!

Da Nennella, Vico Lungo Teatro Nuovo 105, 80134, Napoli


If you are looking for a wonderful view of a little known part of the Gulf of Naples, that which includes Bagnoli and reaches the Gulf of Pozzuoli, the terrace of Calasole restaurant is the place to go. If you are lucky enough to have lunch on a beautiful, serene day, you can even see Procida and Ischia in the distance while you enjoy the recommended seafood dishes of this restaurant. If you ask around about this restaurant, the locals will most likely call it “Il Faretto”, a name derived from the old premises in the small village of Marechiaro. The furnishings are minimal and well cared for, while the cuisine mixes the Parthenopean flavors with the Sicilian ones, offering dishes appreciated by many Neapolitans. Try the swordfish parmigiana!

Calasole, Discesa Coroglio 3980123, Napoli

Cibi Cotti Nonna Anna

At the Torretta market, in the Piedigrotta area, there is a perfect restaurant for nostalgics of grandmother’s lunches: Cibi Cotti Nonna Anna. Open for lunch only, the restaurant offers a homely and familiar cuisine, with a list of ten first courses and as many seconds. The servings are abundant, the flavors are authentic and recall very well those remembered. Nonna Anna cooks for her customers dishes with ingredients she buys daily in the market, offering simple pathenopean cuisine consisting of traditional dishes such as pasta with legumes or pasta and potatoes, first and second courses with fresh fish and many side dishes.

Cibi Cotti Nonna Anna, via Ferdinando Galiani 24, 80122, Napoli

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Very different but with the distinctive parthenopean flavors, Veritas is a restaurant with a new (Michelin) star shining in the city. Chef Gianluca D’Agostino of Veritas has recently received this important recognition for his great ability to elegantly move among the intense flavors of the regional tradition in a sophisticated way, knowing the flavors of Neapolitanism perfectly and re-elaborating them in a simple and convincing way. Here you will find a mix of Neapolitan tradition, creativity and distant inspirations, applied to high-quality products and refinement in the preparations. The environment is modern and classy, while the clientele is composed of both Neapolitans and Italian and foreign tourists.

Veritas, Corso Vittorio Emanuele 141, 80121, Napoli