The best places to surf in Europe, looking for the perfect wave


Good news for the surf enthusiasts always looking for the perfect wave: you do not have to take your beloved board to the other side of the world to practice this fascinating sport, in fact there are many places to surf in Europe, with waves that have nothing to envy the Hawaiian ones!

El Hierro – Fuerteventura (Canary Islands)

On this small island surrounded by the ocean the wind seems to never stop blowing, for the joy of all surfers! Among the European beaches for surfing you can’t miss El Hierro, where you can combine sports, food and relax while waiting for one of the most popular waves in the world, The Bubble: just for true experts!

Mundaka Beach – Spain

This beach is located near Bilbao, within the Urdabai Biosphere Reserve, that offers unspoiled nature. This is not the main attraction for surfers who go there, but rather the Mundaka wave, considered one of the best waves left in Europe and perhaps in the world. It is a long and concave wave, which can even reach 400 meters in length and 6 meters in height and it is suitable only for experienced surfers.

Supertubos Beach (Peniche) – Portugal

The typical wave of this Portuguese beach is almost like a Hawaiian one: it is a wave of perfect tubular shape, with such long crests that create real “tubes”, much loved by surfers from all over the world.
The best time to go there is October, and it is during this month that since 2010 this beach hosts one of the series of the World Surf Championship (WCT) – RipCurl Pro Search.

La Gravière Beach (Hossegor) – France

The La Gravière beach is one of the most popular European surf spots, so much so that it is titled the “surfing capital of Europe”. Here the winds are powerful and the immense waves, ridden only by the finest surfers, crash on stunning sand. The beach is about 40 minutes from Biarritz and here you can surf all year long.

Capo Mannu Beach (Oristano) – Italy

Even Italy can boast a small surfers’ paradise: Capo Mannu beach, just a few miles from Oristano, is one of the best places to surf in Europe.
This rocky cape is exposed to all the winds of the western quadrants, but especially to the mistral, which can create very large waves that even reach 4 meters high. It is here that every year a nationally known surfing competition, the Capo del Capo, is held.

Bundoran Beach (Donegal) – Ireland

Ireland is not the first country that comes to mind when speaking about surf, yet there are many perfect places to surf in Europe. Among them, the most popular is Bundoran, a fishing village offering beaches and cliffs suitable for more or less experienced surfers. Here the best time to dare the waves goes from September to November: cold can discourage, but the savviest surfers swear it’s worth it!

Watergate Bay (Cornwall) – Great Britain

Cornwall hosts many of the most popular surf spots in Great Britain and Europe. Watergate Bay for instance, overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and it also suitable for those who are moving their first steps with the surfboard because of its waves ranging from 30 cm to 3 meters high. And finally, how can we not mention the renowned Fistral Bay and Sennen Cove, which offers some of the finest waves on the British coast?

Fehmarn Beach (Schleswig – Holstein) – Germany

One of the best places to surf in Germany is Fehmarn, which offers about twenty spots with waves suitable for surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers of all levels, and is nicknamed the “Hawaii of Germany”. Not only: the picturesque surroundings and the quality of the services make it certainly one of the best places to surf in Europe!