Dr. Dre – Headphones & GangstaRap


Let’s say that you were born in Compton, one of those places in California that is not popular for the beautiful houses in front of the ocean but for criminal gangs.
And let’s say that one day you become Dr. Dre and you give life to N.W.A. and to the Beats headphones. This is probably your story, in short

Andre Romelle Young is an unknown name. Dr. Dre is a very well-known stage name.
Beats is the product that has sold more than 60 million items, from 2008 on.
This, in 3 phases, is the synthesis of a good story and a great master.
Andre Romelle Young was born in 1965 in Compton, West Coast, USA.
In 1988 the master is part of the N.W.A., gangsta-rap-crew, which that year releases the record Straight Outta Compton, where the (politically incorrect) track “Fuck the Police” can be found. Andre, who in the meanwhile became Dr. Dre, creates the “beats” for every track of the record and of the band. He thus enters the Olympus of the rhythmic language of the Hip-Hop world.
His solo album, The Chronic (1992), makes him a legend.
Dr. Dre though, is not the type who likes to stay still within the same context.
As a master, he floors everyone.
He therefore leaves “the scene” as a solo performer to work in the backstage, going from starring actor, to hidden director. Discovering and producing things like The Slim Shady LP, with which Eminem remains on the Billboard Charts for more than 100 weeks.
From black rap to white rapper.

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But Dr. Dre’s artistic-enterpreneurial mutations don’t end here.
His long-time friendship with Jimmi Iovine (see the upcoming release of the series The Defiantes Ones), first brings him close to the concept of “sale of digital music” and, eventually, to carry out the umpteenth “change of field”.
The sentence “speakers, not sneakers” opens the chapter that takes Dr. Dre from music production to the production of headphones to listen to digital music.
The brand Beats is born, the headphones colored by the visible “b”, worn, amongst others, by Lady Gaga, LeBron James and Candice Swanepoel, sell, all over the world, more than 60 million items.
If Dr. Dre is not a master, who is?