Marco Mazzoni

Points of view project

Artist, Draughtsman, Illustrator. This is Marco Mazzoni, in only 3 words. He lives in Milan, he works for the New Yorker. From his privileged point of view, He will talk about contemporarity and the near future, starting every time from a simple #keyword.
Marco Mazzoni is the coloured pencil of D360, editorial project made up of latitudes, stories, cultures.
D360: portable speaker, deep subwoofer, panoramic eye.

About me

  • Birthday: 17.01.1982
  • Nationality: Italian
  • Favoured colour: Indigo Blue
  • Motto: if you get tired learn to rest not to quit (Banksy)
  • Dondup favorite cloth: Montgomery    
If you get tired learn to rest not to quit (Banksy)

I was born in a small town, I live in Milan and I love the metropolis that welcomed me.

I started drawing as a child and I haven’t stopped yet. I exhibit in galleries and museums in America, Denmark and Italy. I just published a children’s book.

I love cooking dishes that take a lot of time and patience.

My future wife tolerates me because she knows she is smarter than I am. I spend my days among paper, colored pencils and a noisy dog that has too much energy.

I watch long and boring movies that end badly, TV series (but never marathons) and I read books.

I collect t-shirts and cups.

Music is part of my world, but there isn’t much.

I’m obsessed with time.